The Board

The Board of the SEDU is appointed by the Government and consists of the members mentioned below.

The appointment period is from May 1, 2017 until April 30, 2020.

Board members of the SEDU appointed by the Government:

Title Name Function
Former County Governor Peter Egardt Chairman
Professor Lena Gerholm Member
County Governor Gunnar Holmgren Member
Major General/HR Director Klas Eksell Member
Director General Nils Svartz Member
Director Eva-Lotta Kraft Member
Professor Annica Kronsell Member
Concultant Annika Nordgren Christensen Member

The following board members are also included on the SEDU's board.

Titel Namn Funktion
PhD Romulo Enmark Vice-Chancellor of the SEDU
Professor Linus Hagström (linus.hagstrom [at] Teacher Member
Chief Leadership Department Jan Fredriksson (jan.fredriksson [at] Teacher Member
Lecturer Hans Liwång (hans.liwang [at] Teacher Member
Emma-Louise Juneskans (ordforande.karen [at] Student Member
Charles Boström (vice.karen [at] Student Member
Kajsa Stina Axelsson (andreviceordf%C3%B6rande.karen [at] Student Member