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  • Swedish Defence University signs M.O.A. with National Defense University

    Swedish Defence University and the National Defense University (NDU), Washington DC, has concluded a cooperation agreement in the fields of education, research and studies. The agreement is a contribution to the Defense Statement of Intent between Sweden and the United States.

    1 July 2017

  • Non-hierarchical networks and empowerment of vulnerable groups

    What happens when an acute disaster relief situation transitions into a long-term recovery phase? Sara Bondesson at CRISMART, who presented her dissertation on this subject at Uppsala University on 19 May, offers an answer.

    20 June 2017

  • Swedish Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq

    In a ground-breaking study, Linus Gustafsson and Dr. Magnus Ranstorp are exploring the phenomenon of Swedish foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq by analysing unique information provided by the Swedish Security Service. The aim is to fill empirical gaps and understand the Swedish foreign fighter contingent by analysing set variables in the period of 2012 to 2016.

    14 June 2017

  • Daring to question the "self-evident" assumptions of disaster management

    Helena Hermansson successfully defended her dissertation "Centralized Disaster Management Collaboration in Turkey" at Uppsala University on June 8. Helena conducted her PhD studies at the Political Science Department, Uppsala University, and she has also been associated with CNDS (Centre for Natural Disaster Science). Her dissertation has examined and questioned the perceived self-evident assumptions of disaster management in practice.

    13 June 2017

  • How the financing of terrorist activities can be prevented

    The Center for Asymmetric Threats and Terrorism Studies (CATS) at the Swedish Defence University has published a report on the financial activities linked to people from Sweden and Denmark with ties to terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. The study was commissioned by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority with the goal of contributing to better insight and knowledge among anti‐crime authorities, supervisory authorities and national operators subject to the anti-money laundering legislation with regard to foreign terrorist fighters.

    1 June 2017

  • Creation of Anna Lindh Professorship and new research program on women, peace and security

    On April 9, Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallström presented a new research initiative in the area of women, peace and security and the UN Security Council Resolution 1325. In line with this long-term research effort, a new professorship in Anna Lindh's name as well as a new research program will be established at the Swedish Defence University (SEDU). The research program will aim to increase knowledge about women's roles in conflicts, peace processes and disaster relief, gender perspectives in military organizations and operations, as well as a more general focus on conflict prevention and peace building.

    28 April 2017

  • Military strategy to fight cancer

    Can military strategy be used as inspiration for cancer research? Yes, it can, at least according to David Gisselsson Nord, a pathologist and cancer researcher at Lund University in Sweden, and Robert Egnell, a professor and strategist at the Swedish Defence University in Stockholm, who recently published an article in the research journal Trends in Cancer.

    31 January 2017

  • Assessing EU’s Crisis Response Capacity

    For the first time, the EU's Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) and 22 countries participating in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) will join forces with other European and UN institutions to assess their joint crisis response capabilities at the national, European and international level.

    21 October 2016

  • Better situational awareness from public's use of ATHENA app

    The ATHENA consortium's aim is to utilize media communications and develop software tools to enhance the ability of citizens and first responders in crisis situations. CRISMART has contributed with its expertise in crisis mangement in order to improve the system. The project has received funding from the European Commission. Launched in December 2013, the three year research project is nearing completion.

    4 October 2016

  • The long and windy road to publishing an academic article

    In January 2014, PhD student Helena Hermansson began the time-consuming task of writing a scientific article. Now, after two and a half years, her work has been published in the prestigious journal Public Administration. How does one find the time and energy to ensure this painstaking process? Helena's advice is to find a topic you are passionate about and remain utterly determined!

    17 August 2016

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