Department of Military Studies

The Military-Technology Division (MTA)

Within The Military-Technology Division (MTA), subject development and education are pursued, along with research and military-technology related study activities. The subject of Military-Technology is the science that describes and explains how technology affects military operations at all levels—strategic, operational and tactical— as well as how the officer profession influences and is influenced by technology. Military-technology is based on a number of different subjects from various disciplines, combining a social scientific understanding of the military profession with a natural scientific foundation and the additional dynamic of the science of engineering.

Military-technology deals with issues that are ultimately connected with the officer's ability to exercise their profession in today's technical environment. In this context it is important to remember that technology cannot alone solve military problems. The subject of military-technology is one of the three core subjects that make the SNDC a unique institution.

The Military-Technology Division is competent in areas such as:

  • Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation
  • Material Science, Material Mechanics and Engineering Mechanics
  • Sensors and Signatures
  • Technology for network-based operations and electronic warfare
  • Weapons technology and the technology of weapons effects and protective measures
  • Electromagnetic weapons
  • Vehicles and vessels
  • Systems technology and systems management


Thomas Uneholt
Department of Military Studies, Military-Technology Division, The Directorate

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