SPIE - Senior Course on Security Policy in Europe

The aim of the course is to give the participants a deeper understanding about security policy and international relations in Europe.

About the course

About the course

The course focuses on a range of security aspects that are of importance for the actors in the European region and its neighbourhood. The course also gives the participants an overview and understanding of policies, strategies and priorities in Europe by examining trend analysis, policy documents and different strategies.

The course offers the participants a comprehensive overview of the subject matter in order and increases the understanding of various aspects and linkages. The course combines experiences from different actors with theoretical views on the subject and scenario-generated learning.

The participants

The course is part of the Swedish contribution to Partnership for Peace and is primarily open for PfP- and NATO-countries. If the number of participants from PfP- and NATO-countries is not filled participants from other countries may be considered.

Invited participants are parliamentarians, diplomats, academics, civil servants, NGO`s and military personnel who deal with security policy, defence policy and societal security related issues on a senior level. The course also provides the participants with an opportunity for international networking.

Administrative matters

The course is held at the Institute for National Defence and Security Policy Studies at the Swedish Defence University (SEDU) in Stockholm. The address is Drottning Kristinas väg 37.


The dates for the 2017 course are 27 November - 7 December.


Applications for the 2017 SPIE course are now open!

Course information


27 November - 7 December. Two weeks (5 + 4 days).


Full time


The participants are required to have at least basic knowledge and experience in the fields covered in the course. The course methodology is a combination of lectures, facilitated discussions, and scenario-based learning. Very good proficiency in English is a requirement.

Study location

Stockholm, Sweden

Study language



The course is free of charge. However, participants are expected to cover their own travel costs and costs for board and lodging.


In a limited number of cases, where sufficient funds are not available, scholarships may be granted to cover part of these expenses. A request for scholarship must be indicated on the application form.

Responsible department

Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership


  • Anders Johansson (anders.johansson [at] fhs.se)
  • Susanna Melin (susanna.melin [at] fhs.se)