Master's programme in Politics and War

The Master's programme in Politics and War (60 credits) is an international master's programme, leading to a one-year Master's degree in either War Studies or Political Science: Security Studies. As a student, you will be situated within a vibrant research environment and thrive among fellow high-performing students.

About the programme

The Master's programme in Politics and War is an international Master's programme consisting of two tracks: (1) Political Science with a focus on Security Studies and (2) War Studies. Students are admitted to either track.

War Studies or Political Science

You apply to, follow, and graduate in either one of two tracks: War Studies or Political Science with a focus on Security Studies. The first semester consists of a track specific course and a jointly taught methods course. The second semester begins with an elective course where you are provided with an opportunity to develop a more individualized profile of your studies as well as to work with students from the other track. The programme ends with the Master's thesis course. Upon completion of the programme, you will have acquired a thorough understanding of complex issues related to security, war and crisis management. English is the working language throughout the programme.

Teaching anchored in research

In the programme, the teaching staff has gone to great lengths to anchor their teaching in current research. In doing so, the education provided in the programme maintains high academic quality, whilst keeping its traditionally strong focus on contemporary practices in the field of security, war and crisis management. The substantive knowledge in the courses is imparted and assimilated through lectures, extensive readings, seminar discussions, tutorials, and individual oral and written work. Throughout the programme considerable emphasis is placed on developing skills for both written and oral presentations. The programme also contains a number of scenario exercises in which students are trained to perform under time-pressure. A small number of students may also be selected to participate in joint Civil-Military exercises conducted by the Swedish Armed Forces.

Future careers

By focusing to a great extent on developing generic skills such as the ability to independently and critically examine, evaluate and analyse complex processes and decision-making related to war, security and crisis, the programme prepares you for professional careers as analysts or researchers in both the private and the public sector – both nationally and internationally. Alumni with master's degrees in War Studies or Political Science from the Swedish Defence University are currently pursuing careers in media, government ministries, government agencies, international and non-governmental organisations.

The programme also prepares students for careers in research and teaching and qualifies students to apply for doctoral studies in Political Science and War Studies. Former students from the Swedish Defence University have completed their PhD studies at New York University, King's College in London, as well as various other universities in Sweden.

Course information


60 credits

Education level

Second cycle.


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Study pace

100 %


Stockholm, Sweden.

Responsible department

Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership


politicsandwar [at]