The Officers’ Programme

The Officers' Programme is a three-year undergraduate degree course which is conducted over 6 semesters and awards 180 credits on successful completion of all modules. The programme offers three alternative profiles for professional study. Successful candidates are awarded a bachelor's degree in Military Science.

Prepare yourself for a job that matters

Are you interested in what is going on around the world? Are you prepared to do something about it? If you complete the Officers' Programme, you will get the chance to do so.

If you decide to become an officer, you will have a duty to safeguard our national security – in armed conflict, if necessary. As an officer you will be a leader with authority – both during peacetime and war – authority entrusted in you by the Swedish people. You will have to prepare yourself and your unit for tasks during peacetime, crisis, and war. You may need to make decisions that could lead to the destruction of property, death and injury and your own life might also be at risk. Few professions involve such a heavy burden of responsibility.

The work of the Swedish Armed Forces is founded on important core values, which include peace, democracy and a recognition that all people are of equal worth. Sweden and Swedish officers have a significant and important role to play in international operations for stability and peace.

On the home front, the job of a professional officer is one of the most varied that you could find. The Swedish Armed Forces are an important part of society with a wide range of varied tasks. These tasks are constantly developing – and so will you.

Leaders with Team Spirit

We are looking for people who want to develop into team leaders and problem-solvers who can communicate effectively.

Much of the work undertaken by today's operational armed forces takes place beyond Sweden's borders. It involves peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations in areas of unrest and open conflict. On completion of the Officers' Programme, an officer must be prepared to lead operations involving personnel from both Sweden and other nations. This requires a wide range of skills including both knowledge of foreign languages and cultural understanding.

Assignments can often be both difficult and dangerous. Sometimes they will require the threat or use of armed force. However, well-trained officers, with the ability to see the big picture, can contribute to the resolution of conflict without the use of such force.

Many Opportunities for Physical Training

An important element of the Programme is physical training. A course in Combat Effectiveness includes examples of many exercises that can be done both indoors and outdoors – all part of the preparation for your future role.

There will be some form of organised physical training most days during your time on the Officers' Programme. The aim is to help you meet the physical fitness and strength requirements of the Armed Forces. The course will also offer you lots of opportunities to try new sporting activities. You will also be able to try out activities for which there are national military teams. Could you be a future Swedish representative in an international championship?

Course information


180 credits


Only Swedish citizens are eligible for the Officer's Programme. Further information is available in Swedish on the Swedish version of the website.

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