The SNDC continues to conduct Security Sector Reform (SSR) training in Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 January 2010

The SNDC with Thomas Klementsson (ISS) and Lena Andersson (Balkan Analysis Group) continues to conduct education and training within the Security Sector Reform (SSR) field. This time the course was conducted on the PfP Training Center in Sarajevo, between December 14 and December 18.

The course is developed from a NATO PfP initiative and has been conducted by SNDC, UK Defence Academy, which is also the institution in lead, NATO School Oberammergau, Transparency International UK and Geneva Centre for Security Policy. Representative from these organizations organize a Training Team with instructors.

The purpose of the course is to strengthen good governance and transparency and to increase integrity and reduce corruption in the Defence Sector. Participants came from Azerbaijan, Finland, Turkey, Macedonia, Moldova and Ukraine.

In autumn 2009 education and training will continue in Kabul Afghanistan in November and at the PSOTC in December.