Apply to CMCEP and ICM 2011

24 January 2011

It is now possible to apply to this year's edition of two of the SNDC's international crisis management courses: Senior Course on Crisis Management and Civil Emergency Planning (CMCEP) and International Crisis Management Course (ICM).

About the courses

Senior Course on Crisis Management and Civil Emergency Planning
The course offers the participants a comprehensive overview on the subject matter in order to increase the understanding of various aspects and linkages. The course will combine experiences from different actors with theoretical views on the subject and scenario-generated learning. Invited participants are civil servants, diplomats, civilian police, military personnel and academics, with a professional interest in Crisis Management with focus on Civil Emergency Planning.
Apply no later than: 18 April 2011

International Crisis Management Course
The aim of this senior/middle management course is for the participants to learn and understand the system of co-operation and discussions between the political level, its executive authorities, and various non-governmental organizations, in the context of international crisis management. Representatives of international organisations, UN agencies, EU institutions, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Defence, Non-Governmental Organisations, National armed forces and civilian police are invited as ICM participants.
Apply no later than: 30 March 2011