How do actors organize after crisis?

22 September 2015

Can actors and their organizations learn from crises and implement change? Or do they simply return back to normal? The post-crisis phase is anything but a linear process.

In the book "Organizing after the Crisis: The Challenge of Learning," 19 scholars from 7 countries analyze how the issue of learning after crises is dealt with in dynamic political environments where framings, strategies, discourses, interests and resources interact. Exploring various policy sectors, the authors address the questions of whether or not organizations manage crises well and if they learn from them. What changes do lessons trigger at the political, organizational and individual levels? These questions are attacked by uncovering issues like blame and responsibility as well as the influence of communication, social dynamics and the institutional environment.

Recently "Organizing after the Crisis: The Challenge of Learning" was released by the international publishing house Peter Lang. It was edited by a team of Belgian organization and management researchers, including Nathalie Schiffino, Laurent Taskin, Céline Donis, and Julien Raone. Significant contribution to four of the book's twelve chapters were made by researchers working or related to CRISMART: Edward Deverell, Jonatan Stiglund, Annika Brändström, and Eric Stern.

Order the book here.

Edward Deverell
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, Political Science Section, Crisis Management and International co-ordination unit

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