Fredrik Bynander appointed to head university's new center for societal security

25 October 2017

Fredrik Bynander is an Associate Professor of Political Science and conducts research on crisis management and security policy analysis at the Swedish Defense University.

"I am very pleased to have recruited Fredrik Bynander as head of this important initiative. Fredrik is an expert in this field with extensive experience in both research and education. He also has the right leadership skills and brings with him a large network that will be valuable for the new center," says Robert Egnell, Head of the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, which will host the new center.

Powerhouse of knowledge and expertise

The new center will strengthen societal security in Sweden by uniting leading experts on these issues in order to provide top-notch educational courses, analytical support, training and exercises. This will be done in part by integrating the Center for Crisis Management Research and Training (CRiSMART), the Institute for National Defence and Security Policy Studies (IHT), and the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS)into the new center.

It's going to be exciting to unite our unique skills in social security and further develop our existing activities," says Fredrik Bynander, the incoming Director of the Center for Societal Security.

Broad and diverse experience

In addition to his research, Fredrik Bynander has worked extensively with exercises, educational activities and analytical support in his current role as the Research Director of CRiSMART and his involvement in the Center of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS) at Uppsala University, where he is also the Chair of the CNDS Board. In addition, Fredrik has previously served as Head of Division at the Crisis Management Secretariat at the Swedish Government Offices. In 2003, Fredrik defended his doctoral dissertation "The Rise and Fall of the Submarine Threat: Threat Politics and Submarine Intrusions in Sweden 1980-2002" at Uppsala University.

Anna Fornstedt has been appointed to be the Executive Director of the new center. Currently, Anna serves as the Director of CRiSMART and has previously worked at Uppsala University and as an analyst at the Swedish Agency for Public Management.

The Center for Societal Security will officially be inaugurated on January 1, 2018.

Fredrik Bynander
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, CRISMART

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Anna Fornstedt
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, CRISMART

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