Professor Kleffner elected member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law

12 November 2017

Jann Kleffner, professor of international law at the Swedish Defence University (SEDU) has been elected full member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law.

Professor Jann Kleffner– I am very honoured to be elected as a member of the Institute. The organization plays a very important role in the area of humanitarian law, not the least because of its training and dissemination activities aimed at members of the armed forces from around the globe. Furthermore, several of the Institute's publications are highly authoritative and its annual roundtable, which despite its name is a large scale high-profile conference,brings together all humanitarian law constituencies, says Jann Kleffner, who is professor at and head of the SEDU's Centre for International and Operational Law.

Conferences and courses

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law was founded in 1970 and is a non-profit humanitarian association with the overarching purpose of promoting international humanitarian law. This is done for instance by organizing international conferences and meetings as well as arranging courses and training in the fields of international humanitarian law; human rights and refugee law.

Distinguished members

The association also promotes debates and exchanges between researchers and experts, maintains close cooperation with governments and international organisations, academic bodies as well as all other public or private institutions dealing with humanitarian issues. According to the Institute's statute, individuals are admitted by its Council as members because they have particularly distinguished themselves through competence or activities in the field of International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law and Refugee Law.

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