The primary areas of research and studies at the Swedish Defence University are:

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  • Swedish Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq

    In a ground-breaking study, Linus Gustafsson and Dr. Magnus Ranstorp are exploring the phenomenon of Swedish foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq by analysing unique information provided by the Swedish Security Service. The aim is to fill empirical gaps and understand the Swedish foreign fighter contingent by analysing set variables in the period of 2012 to 2016.

    14 June 2017

  • Daring to question the "self-evident" assumptions of disaster management

    Helena Hermansson successfully defended her dissertation "Centralized Disaster Management Collaboration in Turkey" at Uppsala University on June 8. Helena conducted her PhD studies at the Political Science Department, Uppsala University, and she has also been associated with CNDS (Centre for Natural Disaster Science). Her dissertation has examined and questioned the perceived self-evident assumptions of disaster management in practice.

    13 June 2017

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