Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS)

Focusing on asymmetric threats in the Information Age.

About CATS

The Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS) at the Swedish Defence University is a national research center with the task to develop and disseminate scientific and policy-relevant knowledge of asymmetric threats.

Cats conducts research and education in three main pillars under the "asymmetric umbrella":

  • Terrorism studies, in which Dr. Magnus Ranstorp is the main representative.
  • Intelligence studies, in which Dr. Wilhelm Agrell (Lund University) is the main representative. Dr. Agrell is a Visiting Professor at Cats.
  • Information operations (IO), specifically cyber security/cyber defense and strategic communcation/influence operations. Due to the changed security policy environment in Europe the last year, there has been an increased focus in studies on defensive policies to counter asymmetric warfare and hybrid operations (see attached picture (PDF, 141 kB)).

The projects at Cats are mainly sponsored by The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), The Cabinet Offices and The Swedish Armed Forces.

CATS' vision (PowerPoint, 167 kB)


Lars Nicander
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, CATS

Lars.Nicander [at]


Magnus Ranstorp
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, CATS

Magnus.Ranstorp [at]