Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies

Focusing on asymmetric threats in the Information Age.

About CATS

The Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS) at the Swedish National Defence College (SNDC) is already engaged in Terrorism Studies with Dr. Magnus Ranstorp as the academic lead and in studies of Information Operations (IO).

The third pillar under the "asymmetric umbrella" deals with intelligence studies with Dr. Greg Treverton, RAND, and Professor Wilhelm Agrell – the first Swedish full professor in Intelligence Analysis – at Lund University. Treverton and Agrell are Visiting Professors at CATS.

The projects at CATS are mainly sponsored by The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), The Cabinet Offices and The Swedish Armed Forces.


CATS are carrying out studies within the areas below:

  • Research and studies concerning Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism policies/approaches.
  • Research and threat assessments on Counter Violent Extremism.
  • Research and education within the area of Intelligence Studies.
  • Research and studies on Cyber Security, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) and Information Assurance concerning policies and approaches in different countries.
  • Information Operations – studies, exercise planning and courses on the intermediate level within the joint military education programme on behalf of The Armed Forces.
  • Research and studies on Perception Management/Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) as well as on relevant cultural factors.

CATS' vision (PowerPoint, 188 kB)


Lars Nicander
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, CATS

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Magnus Ranstorp
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, CATS

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