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Magnus Ranstorp comments on the terror attack in Stockholm: Stockholm Suicide Bombing (Euro

Magnus Ranstorp is interviewed by CNN about the bombing in Stockholm: "Bombing raises fear in Sweden"

Magnus Ranstorp comments on the terror attack:

Magnus Ranstorp comments on the terror attack in Stockholm on Saturday evening:

Magnus Ranstorp comments on Yemen's ability to fight al-Qaeda: Yemen 'Not Breeding Ground for Al-Qaeda,' Foreign Minister Says (Bloomberg Businessweek)

LibForAll's Newsletter about Kyai Haji Mustofa Bisri´s visit to Sweden and the Swedish National Defence College. The delegation's visit to Sweden was jointly hosted by the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS) at Sweden's National Defence College, and the nation's Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Nahdlatul Ulama/LibForAll Delegation Visits Europe

Magnus Ranstorp comments on foreign fighters going to Yemen: Yemen, the new crucible of global terrorism (The Independent World)

Magnus Ranstorp comments on: al-Qaida planning new attacks in Europe: Al-Qaida Said To Be Planning European Hostage-Takings (Spiegel Online International)


Magnus Ranstorp comments on the recent terror alert: Al-Qaeda views West terror alert fears as victory: experts (Google News)

"The Somalia problem is merging with the Yemen issue," explained Magnus Ranstorp: Diplomatic short straw? A posting in Sanaa, Yemen (The First Post)

After Action Report: Baltic Cyber Shield Cyber Defence Exercise 2010 - After Action Report (PDF, 199 kB)

Comments on the report "Foreign Fighters - Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones: Terrorism alerts reflect evolving militant threat (Kuwait Times)

About the report and the discovery of a terror plot aimed at European cities: Western passports a coveted tool in Al-Qaeda's arsenal (EUbusiness)

Comments on the report "Foreign Fighters - Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones: Westerners training as 'foreign fighters' a growing threat, study says (National Post, new window)

About the report "Foreign Fighters - Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones": US, EU 'must stop homegrown terror' (

Report by Magnus Ranstorp, Frank J. Cilluffo and Jeffrey B. Cozzens: Foreign Fighters - Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones

Magnus Rantorp receives attention in the Brasilian newspaper Mundo: Oterror à espreita (PDF, 530 kB) (Mundo)

Kyai Haji Mustofa Bisri, the de-facto leader of the world's largest Muslim organisation Nahdlatui Ulama visited the Swedish National Defence College. Watch the film from the seminar: Islam and terrorism on the agenda during visit by Indonesian delegation

Magnus Ranstorp comments on Hezbollah's activities in Latin America: Myrick wants task force to study Hezbollah ties on border (

CATS's study examining Indonesia's success in beating extremism receives attention in Weekly "In Defense of Moderation" (Weekly

Magnus Ranstorp in an article in Foreign Policy regarding a possible trial against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the al-Qaeda leader who planned 9/11: "What Happened to New York's Moxie?" (Foreign Policy)

CATS's study examining Indonesia's success in beating extremism receives attention in Newsweek: "The Jihad against the Jihadists" (Newsweek)

Magnus Ranstorp comments on the assassination of Hamas operative: "The killing of Mahmoud Mabhouh" (Now Lebanon, new window)

Article by Bilal Y. Saab and Magnus Ranstorp: "Terror Alert: Let us protect UNIFIL, and fast" (The Daily Star - Lebanon News)


Magnus Ranstorp (ed): Understanding Violent Radicalisation - Terrorist and Jihadist Movements in Europe

This is the first book to address in depth the interplay between radicalisation and political violence in Europe, as well as the effectiveness of counter-measures.

As evidenced from the multitude of intercepted plots across several European cities since 2001, the threat level and the intensity of the desire to perpetrate mass-casualty attacks within Europe is not diminishing. While violent radicalization has gradually moved to the top of the EU counterterrorism agenda, it has been accompanied by a relatively embryonic understanding about the processes and interplay of factors that contribute to radicalization, which are played out differently in cities like Paris, Rome, London and Copenhagen. Undoubtedly, there are common factors at the global and regional levels that facilitate radicalization, but it is also clear that radicalization is very context dependent.

This book provides crucial insights into different ways to understand violent radicalization within national contexts and the challenges addressing the many pathways into terrorism inspired by al-Qaeda and other forms of Islamic extremism.

This book will be of great interest to students of terrorism studies and political violence, counter-terrorism, EU politics, security studies and IR in general.

The book is edited by dr. Magnus Ranstorp and is published by Routledge.


Article in the Los Angeles Times by Gregory F. Treverton: Terrorists will strike America again

The Obama administration's mea culpa over the failure to prevent the attempted bombing of a U.S. airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas Day is understandable but misses the point. Yes, the United States can do better at catching would-be attackers; that will always be the case. But the truth is that there is no absolute security -- short of conceding victory to the terrorists by making it impossible for foreigners to visit the U.S., hellish for Americans to fly and difficult for all to live normal lives.

Magnus Ranstorp comments on the Christmas bombing attempt on aircraft in the USA: "Terrorists keep testing ways to detonate explosives on planes" (Detroit News)

Magnus Ranstorp comments on the al-Qaeda situation i Yemen: "Yemen's Chaos Aids the Evolution of a Qaeda Cell" (The New York Times)