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  • "Today's terrorists are gang members, not tea-drinking students"

    The face of European terrorism is changing. Well-educated theology students are no longer the typical jihadi extremists. Criminal gangs are instead the main source for recruitment in the "Generation ISIS" jihadi environment.

    22 November 2017

  • Fredrik Bynander appointed to head university's new center for societal security

    Fredrik Bynander is an Associate Professor of Political Science and conducts research on crisis management and security policy analysis at the Swedish Defense University.

    25 October 2017

  • Swedish Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq

    In a ground-breaking study, Linus Gustafsson and Dr. Magnus Ranstorp are exploring the phenomenon of Swedish foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq by analysing unique information provided by the Swedish Security Service. The aim is to fill empirical gaps and understand the Swedish foreign fighter contingent by analysing set variables in the period of 2012 to 2016.

    14 June 2017

  • How the financing of terrorist activities can be prevented

    The Center for Asymmetric Threats and Terrorism Studies (CATS) at the Swedish Defence University has published a report on the financial activities linked to people from Sweden and Denmark with ties to terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. The study was commissioned by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority with the goal of contributing to better insight and knowledge among anti‐crime authorities, supervisory authorities and national operators subject to the anti-money laundering legislation with regard to foreign terrorist fighters.

    1 June 2017

  • Issue for the upcoming Nato Summit in Warszaw 8-9 July: Challenge for NATO – Cyber Article 5

    In this CATS Brief the two finnish scholars Jarno Limnell and Charly Salonius-Pasternak discuss the implications of that NATO now will consider the cyber arena on par with the traditional military arenas when it comes to collective defence.

    29 June 2016

  • Students in international cyber policy competition

    Students from the Swedish Defence University are travelling to Geneva, Switzerland to participate in The Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge 2016. An annual cyber policy competition, were students across the globe compete in developing national security policy recommendations tackling a fictional cyber catastrophe.

    5 April 2016

  • CATS contribution in Peter R. Neumann's book "Radicalization"

    Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens and Hans Brun have written one chapter in "Radicalization" by Peter R. Neumann.

    16 August 2015

  • Terrorism Innovation and Learning - Al Qaeda and Beyond

    New book edited by Magnus Ranstorp and Magnus Normark: Understanding Terrorism Innovation and Learning - Al Qaeda and Beyond.

    8 May 2015

  • From the Welfare State to the Caliphate

    How a Swedish suburb became a breeding ground for foreign fighters streaming into Syria and Iraq.

    23 February 2015

  • Intelligence, Science and Public Policy

    Professor Wilhelm Agrell and Dr. Gregory F. Treverton participated in a CATS-sponsored roundtable at the International Studies Association's (ISA) Annual Convention in New Orleans (February 18th-21st).

    20 February 2015

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