Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS)

Focusing on asymmetric threats in the Information Age.


This page contains the majority of CATS publications in English in pdf-format. The titles marked by * are only available in print an can be ordered from our Internet Bookstore.

Influence Operations and the Intelligence/Policy Challenges (PDF, 940 kB)

Swedish Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq - An Analysis of open-source intelligence and statistical data (PDF, 1,4 MB)

Financial activities linked to persons from Sweden and Denmark who joined terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq during the period 2013 ‐ 2016 (PDF, 703 kB)

Challenge for NATO - Cyber Article 5 (PDF, 232 kB)

"A Neo-Nationalist Network: The English Defence League and Europe's Counter-Jihad Movement" in Radicalization by Peter R. Neumann (ed.)

National Intelligence and Science – Beyond the Great Divide in Analysis and Policy

Social Media and Intelligence (PDF, 369 kB)

Handbook for planning, running and evaluating information technology and cyber security exercises (PDF, 674 kB)

Towards Strategic Intelligence - Foresight, Intelligence, and Policy-making (PDF, 4,2 MB)

Prevention of violent extremism in third countries (PDF, 614 kB)

The Black Swan and Its Opponents: Early Warning Aspects of the Norway Attacks on 22 July*

Essence of Assessment: Methods and Problems of Intelligence Analysis, Wilhelm Agrell*

Fusion Centres - Lessons Learned (english) (PDF, 765 kB)

Terrorism Learning and Innovation - Lessons from PIRA in Northern Ireland (PDF, 944 kB)

A Neo-Nationalist Network - The English Defence League and Europe's Counter-Jihad Movement (PDF, )

Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism in a Multi-Centric World*

Addressing "Complexities" in Homeland Security*

Approaches to "Outreach" for Intelligence*

Bridging the Divide between Scientific and Intelligence Analysis*

Comparing Early Warning Across Domains (PDF, 7,3 MB)

New Frontiers in Intelligence*

Mapping Terrorism Research - State of the Art, Gaps, and Future Direction (PDF, 138 kB)

Preventing Terrorism in Maritime Regions (PDF, 3,2 MB)

Preventing Violent Radicalization and Terrorism - The Case of Indonesia (PDF, 802 kB)

Terrorism in the Information Age - New Frontiers?*

Securing Air Traffic - Case CBRN Terrorism (PDF, 5,2 MB)

Securing Lebanon from the Threat of Salafist Jihadism (PDF, 208 kB)

Terrorist Awakening in Sweden (PDF, 936 kB)

The Virtual Sanctuary of Al-Qaeda and Terrorism in an Age of Globalisation (PDF, 158 kB)

Cooperating Against Terrorism: EU-US Relations*

Al-Qaeda's Terrorist Threat to UNIFIL (PDF, 87 kB)

Baltic Cyber Shield 2010 After-Action-Report (PDF, 199 kB)

Hizballah Training Camps (PDF, 334 kB)