Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS)

Focusing on asymmetric threats in the Information Age.

Recommended Reading

Information Operations

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

  • Terrorism Studies: A Reader. John Horgan & Kurt Braddock (ed.)
  • Inside Terrorism. Bruce Hoffman
  • Terrorism: How to Respond. Richard English
  • Prevention of violent extremism in third countries (executive summary). Magnus Ranstorp & Peder Hyllengren
  • Terrorism & Political Violence. (journal)
  • Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. (journal)

Intelligence Studies

  • National Intelligence and Science – Beyond the Great Divide in Analysis and Policy. Wilhelm Agrell and Gregory F. Treverton
  • The Black Swan and Its Opponents. Wilhelm Agrell
  • Psychology of Intelligence Analysis. Richards J. Heuer, Jr.
  • Intelligence Power in Peace and War. Michael Herman
  • Essence of Assessment: Methods and Problems of Intelligence Analysis. Wilhelm Agrell
  • Securing the State. Sir. David Omand
  • Intelligence for an Age of Terror. Gregory F. Treverton
  • International Journal of Intelligence & CounterIntelligence. (journal)
  • Wilhelm Agrell & Gregory F. Treverton