CRISMART – Center for Crisis Management Research and Training


CRISMART staff consists of academics with a social science profile. Several staff members also have work experience in the public sector.

Many are political scientists, while some have a background in social anthropology, economics, law and peace and conflict research. This allows CRISMART to have a more multifaceted understanding of the problems and events we study.

A number of our analysts are through doctoral studies connected to other institutions in Sweden and abroad, such as Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Utrecht University and Syracuse University.

The scientific leadership at CRISMART consists of PhDs with much experience with research and education in Sweden and internationally.

Many of CRISMART's researchers and analysts have previous experience within the Swedish public sector at government authorities, the chancellery and ministries, county boards and at the municipal level. Many staff members also have international work experience, for example within the United Nations.

With a foundation of general knowledge in crisis management, CRISMART staff members have become specialized within specific areas of interest. From being more oriented on problems surrounding the acute phase of crisis management, CRISMART research has also become focused on that which happens before the outbreak of crisis, studying aspects such as preparedness and organizational learning. Other specialized fields of research are cooperation between various actors and levels of authority, the role of media in a crisis, as well as the European Union's growing crisis management capacity.