CRISMART – Center for Crisis Management Research and Training

Analytical support

CRISMART offers qualified analytical support in producing studies and crisis, exercise and program evaluations and handbooks. Depending on the customer's needs, our analysts study organizational factors as well as crisis planning and an organization's internal decision making processes, coordination, cooperation and communication capacities, threat analyses, and a number of other central factors that drive an organization's crisis management capacity.

CRISMART analytical support can vary in scope (from the quality control of internal reports to complete analyses of an organization's crisis management capacity and the crisis management system of countries) and approach (from "best practice" based advising to scientifically-rigorous analysis). Analytical support can be seen as a way for a specialized research project to communicate knowledge to partners that contribute to society's crisis preparedness, and to build additional competency within certain fields of research.


Jenny Deschamps-Berger
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, CRISMART, Analytical support

Jenny.Deschamps-Berger [at]