In connection with a reorganization and as of January 1, 2018, CRISMART was integrated into the Center for Societal Security and transformed into a a research program.


Grupparbete under kursen Baltic Leadership Programme.

Education within the field of crisis management must be both theoretical and practical. It must be practical, because contemporary decision-makers must experience the pressure a crisis exerts in order to begin to understand how they can cope with it.

CRISMART offers training and crisis simulations for crisis managers and decision-makers at all levels throughout society. We develop training and simulation methods and our initiatives foster dialogue between researchers and practitioners with experience in managing crises.

We produce publications as well as organize courses, seminars, workshops and conferences on both a national and international basis.


Jenny Deschamps-Berger
Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, Center for Societal Security, [Missing text /templates/netr/person/cena for en-GB]

Jenny.Deschamps-Berger [at]