Programme on European Security Research

The programme is dedicated to high-quality scholarly research relevant to policymakers in Sweden and beyond. It examines the new broad role that the European Union (EU) is playing for safety and security – at home and abroad.

About the Programme

The European Security Research Programme is a framework research and teaching programme in the Swedish Defence University. A central aim is to present research-based policy recommendations.

Research focuses on institutional factors that shape cooperation and capacity development related to security and crisis management and is conducted in the following areas:

  • European security and crisis management
  • The EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)
  • The transboundary crisis management of the EU (health and civil security, protection of critical infrastructure, border security)
  • Europeanisation of national security and crisis management
  • The EU and Security Sector Reform (SSR)

International Research Groups

The Programme is part of the European Societal Security Research Group.


  • Magnus Ekengren Click name for more information

    Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, Political Science Section

    Magnus.Ekengren [at] / +46 8-55342713

    Magnus Ekengren publishes in the areas of European foreign and security policy, crisis management, security sector reform, and the Europeanisation of the nation-state.