Research Projects

Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects
A 'polycentric' international system
An anatomy of technology innovations in infrastructure and defence systems in Sweden after the Cold War – licentiate thesis and further work
Causal Relationships from Threat to Risk
Communication and media in war and crisis
Effects of early experiences on mother-offspring interaction and the behaviour of the adult dog
Equality in International Society: A Reappraisal
European security and defence policy
Evaluation of Interactive Teaching of Military-Technology
Military Rules of Engagement
Nordic security co-operation after 2007
Organised Armed Groups and the international law of armed conflict: Challenges and Prospects
Responsibility in Multinational Military Operations
Responsibility under International Law for the Use of Force in Multinational Peace Operations
Secure Communication and Collaboration for Military Engagement in Inter-Organizational Crisis Management and Disaster Response Operations
Swedish experiences in Afghanistan
Swedish security policy in a European and global context
Ten years of Swedish presence in Afghanistan
The role of standardization in the internationalisation of Swedish defence
TOIS (Tactical Optical Information System)
Transatlantic and European Security Policy Developments
True Usefulness of Advanced (Computerized) [Military] Technological Systems in Situations not Completely Predictable during Design [Tentative title]
Who is responsible? Research on responsibility in international security policy