Core Values and Expeditionary Mindset - 2009

Core Values and Expeditionary Mindset was a research project initiated within the broader research field of Expeditionary Capability at the Swedish National Defence College. At the Department of Leadership and Management, the research project is approached from a sociological perspective.

About the project

Key questions

  • What fundamental mindset (value systems and core values) is needed to establish a successful armed force that is able to perform military missions within a military expeditionary force?
  • What kinds of changes are needed within the Swedish Armed Forces to gradually establish an expeditionary mindset and value system?

The Swedish Armed Forces is currently involved in a gradual transformation process; from an invasion defence with focus on territorial security, to an intervention defence concentrating on international expeditionary missions. As a consequence, a new "mindset" is sought for. This mindset must permeate all parts of a Swedish military organisation involved in expeditionary missions. The expeditionary mindset both influences and is in turn influenced by core values within the organisation. There are also consequences for the core values expressed on site while during expeditionary missions. To critically examine the fundamental concepts that are associated with the "new" military organisation and the problems and opportunities it implies is of sociological relevance. The ambition is to deepen the understanding of what an expeditionary mindset should involve, conceptually as well as morally, and how it may be established within the Swedish Armed Forces.


In January 2010, a seminar on Core Values and Expeditionary Mindset was held where several international researchers discussed the above questions. Read more about the seminar here.


Henrik Fürst