An anatomy of technology innovations in infrastructure and defence systems in Sweden after the Cold War – licentiate thesis and further work

The investigation is to find out the structure of technology innovation, or a preliminary system architecture, or enterprise/project architecture for development and innovation of technology in the fields of defence systems and infrastructure, particularly for energy.

About the project

The study is based on recent cases of defence system and infrastructure development. Many of these systems are systems-of-systems character in complex and changing environments and contexts. A realistically based anatomy, and eventually outline of a system architecture may become a good help in further developing and designing new advanced systems leading more rapidly to proven innovation and competitive advantages. The study has a social security perspective on energy systems and provision.

Supervisor: Stefan Axberg

Duration: Until 2012


Department of Military Studies, The Swedish National Defence College

Energy technology, School of Industrial Management, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)


Bengt Mölleryd
Department of Military Studies, Science of Command and Control and Military Technology Division

Bengt.Molleryd [at]