Evaluation of Interactive Teaching of Military-Technology

About the project

The interactive learning platform CompEdu, developed and used since 1997 at the Division of Heat and Power Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology, has recently been introduced as a tool for teaching Military-Technology at the Swedish National Defence College (SNDC).

In this pilot study, interactive teaching has been tested at the initial training of junior officers at SNDC. Experiences from a student evaluation of the tool will be incorporated in future implementations of interactive teaching. The students appreciated the freedom of being able to choose when and where to study the pensum and found CompEdu being an excellent tool for facilitating reviewing the chapter before an exam. An outline for future work is presented.


Stefan Silfverskiöld
Department of Military Studies, Science of Command and Control and Military Technology Division, Military Technology Systems Section

Stefan.Silfverskiold [at] fhs.se