Master's programme in Politics and War

The Master's Programme in Politics and War is an international master's programme, leading to a one-year Master's degree in either War Studies or Political Science with a focus on Security Studies. As a student, you will be situated within a vibrant research environment and thrive among fellow high-performing students.


The programme contains central issues and theoretical approaches related to security, defence and crisis management.

This includes knowledge about conditions and factors influencing the ability to prevent crises, conflicts and wars; establishing security where none exist; and to successfully manage crisis, conflicts and wars. Naturally, ethical questions are central to all the above mentioned issues and ethical issues accordingly permeate several of the courses. During the programme, moreover, a series of theoretical approaches are introduced and used in order to better grasp the complexities involved, including gender and knowledge of UN Resolution 1325.

Politics, Security and Crisis (15 credits)

The course introduces political science at the Swedish Defence University with its special focus on crisis management and security.

Methods (15 credits)

The aim of the course is to further develop the student's methodological knowledge and skills.

Master's thesis (15 credits)

The course aims to develop the student's ability to independently conduct scientific studies at the advanced level.