Library at Military Academy Karlberg

The Karlberg branch library for Officer Programme cadets.

The Karlberg branch library

The branch library is for the Officer Programme’s cadets. Students have access to the library 6 AM to 10 PM everyday of the week.

The branch library is not open to the general public.

Opening hours

Officer Programme cadets and Karlberg key card holders have access to the library between 6 AM and 10 PM every day of the week. Digital resources can be accessed any time of the day by logging in with your SEDU account.

  • The library’s study spaces and resources are accessible from 6 AM to 10 PM on weekdays.

  • On weekends contact the Karlberg guards to visit the library.

  • Check items in and out by using the self-check machines.

If help is required when the library is not manned

  • In case of emergency, for example if there is a problem with the building, read the information on the board by the entrance to Fältskären: “Information about the building/ In case of accident”.

  • For less urgent problems, for example malfunctioning computers or books that cannot be found, e-mail to alb@kbg.se or visit the library during opening hours.

  • If the self-check machine malfunctions: write your library card number, your name, the book’s title and the bar code. The bar code is on the book’s back cover. Leave the note on the librarian’s desk.

  • Contact the main library for help
    Telephone: 08-553 425 60
    E-mail: alb@fhs.se

Telephone information service

08–553 429 57



Visiting address

Militärhögskolan Karlberg
Karlbergs slott, Karlbergs slottsväg, Solna
Building: Fältskären

Postal address

Anna Lindh-biblioteket
Filialen Karlberg
Box 27805
115 93 Stockholm

More information

The branch library is for the Officer Programme’s cadets. The areas of specialty at the branch library are military science, military technology and leadership.

Cadets can order books from the main library or the Swedish Armed Forces library free of cost. Study spaces and computers are provided. During hours that the library is manned information search assistance is available.

The branch library is not open to the general public but literature can be ordered for picking up at the main library.

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