Applying for a library card

The library card is used to borrow books and to log in to the library's computers in the public workstation area

Due to current circumstances with covid-19 no library cards can be issued at the moment to patrons who are not students or employees at Swedish Defence University.

Students and employees:

If you are 18 years old or older and are registered in the Swedish Population Register you may obtain a library card. Apply for a library card by reading the library’s loan terms and filling in the application form below. To activate your library account with valid proof of identity, please contact the library.

Your application remains open for 6 months. If you do not collect your library card you will have to apply again after this period.

Not registered in Sweden?

If you are not registered in the Swedish Population Register you may become a user if your stay in Sweden is at least three months long counting from the day you apply for a library card.

In the application write your address in Sweden as well as your address in your native country. Bring a valid passport or proof of identity with a photograph when picking up your library card.

Lost your card?

If you lose your card you may receive a new one upon paying a fee of SEK 30. A new application for a new library card does not need to be filled in.