Terms and conditions

Rev. 2018-05-25

Library card

  • The first library card that is issued will be free of charge to whom who is of 18 years of age, registered in Sweden and can show a valid photo ID. Lost library card can be replaced by a new card for a charge of 30 SEK. In case of theft, replacement of library card and borrowed materials will be made free of charge upon presentation of the police report.
  • Persons not registered in Sweden may register as borrowers by showing a valid passport or other photo ID with a planned stay in Sweden for more than three months from the issuing date of the library card. Residential address in Sweden as well as full permanent address in home country shall be stated on the library application.
  • The library card is used for borrowing material from the Anna Lindh Library and to log on to the library’s public computers.

Terms and conditions

  • Borrowers undertake to follow library terms and conditions of loans as well as rules regarding use of the library computers. Information and updates will be announced on the library website.
  • Make sure to keep your contact information updated. The borrower is responsible for the accuracy of the contact information provided. Update your information via My loans or by contacting the library’s customer service.
  • Notify the customer service if your library card is lost! The borrower is responsible for all loans made on their card until the lost notification is made.
  • All loans must be registered by the customer service desk or through the lending machine. The library card or valid ID card should always be brought upon loan made at the customer service desk.
  • Borrowers are responsible for return of items in the same conditions as when these were borrowed and by latest on the specified date of return or alternatively by renewing the loans before end of loan period. This also applies in case of illness, travels etc.
  • Borrowers are personally responsible for loans until they have been deregistered. Loans may not be left to another person. The library are not obliged to send notifications, it should only be regarded as a service.
  • Return of loans are primarily made through the return self-checkout machine out-side the library's main entrance, from Monday-Friday 8-17 or at the customer service desk during library opening hours.
  • Take care of library material. It is not allowed to make notes, underline,etc.
  • The library charge late fees à 5 SEK per loan and day of the first overdue. Employees and students at the Swedish National Defence University (SEDU) and at the Armed Forces Headquarters are exempt from late fees. At the amount of debt 100 SEK the borrower is automatically blocked from further loans and the use of library computers. For the borrower exempted late fees the borrower is barred after the third reminder. Borrowers are responsible for replacing non-returned, damaged or lost materials with new copies, or to accept a set price of 500 SEK for the book, plus 250 SEK administrative fee, for replacement of lost material. Material with an original purchase price exceeding 500 SEK will be invoiced the actual purchase cost. Loans that have not been returned after the third reminder will be regarded as lost and billed the borrower. 250 SEK in administrative fee will then be charged even if the books are returned. If the invoice is not paid, the case will proceed to debt collection. The paid amount is forfeited even if the material is found later on. If the borrower has paid the invoice, when such expired, no late fees will be required for the overdue loan.
  • Fees that are not invoiced should be paid at the customer service desk. The Anna Lindh library only accept payment by credit card or swish, cash payment are not accepted.
  • Borrowers who consistently violate the library rules can be shut off from borrowing of materials and the use of library computers. Suspension decision is taken and high-lighted by the library director.
  • Data on individual loans, orders and reservations is not disclosed, in accordance with the Publicity and Secrecy (SFS 2009:400) 40 chap. 3 §. Handling of personal data applies to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal data registered in the library platform are name, surname, Swedish personal identity number, address, e-mail address and telephone number. These are required for confirming the patron’s identity and facilitate contact or correspondence. Personal data are deleted from the system two years after the library accounts expiry date. Personal data are only accessible to the library staff and systems provider. The patron agrees to this registration and handling when signing the library card application. Please contact registrator@fhs.se should there be any questions regarding the registration and handling of personal data.
  • The library public computers are owned by Swedish Defence University and can only be used by users which have accepted the library rules. Usage of library public computers can not regulate according to existing law, the ethic regulations by SUNET and the internal rules at the Swedish Defence University.

For usage of Internet is it thereby forbidden to: visit webpages with pornogrphic contenct or racism, download program and files that can affect IT security and spread and/or/ dispose copyrightmaterial without approvement from the owner. It is either not allowed to try to get access to network resources without having rigt to do so, hide once user identity, disturb and interrupt the main purpose usage of the network, waste with resources (staff, hardware or software), hurt or destroy computer-based information, trespass into other personal privacy life as well as insult or humiliate other people. The public computers at Anna Lindh library are being monitored and events are being logged.

Loan term

Library materials may be loaned for 28 days.

Respect the license terms for the library's electronic resources. Printing and downloading articles from journals and other sources are allowed for personal, non-commercial, study or research purposes.

Reference works, archival material, rarities and magazines can not be lent out and may not be removed from the library. Rarities and periodicals cannot be borrowed and may not be removed from the library.

Renew or reserve

By entering username and password, you can renew your loans online through My loans on the Anna Lindh Library website. Renewal of loans, as longest 168 days is possible as long as there are no other reservations on the book. You may renew your loan yourself via My loans as long as the loan is not overdue. You may also phone or e-mail our customer service. Loans made by employees at the Swedish National Defence University (SEDU), Armed Forces Headquarters and interlibrary loans will be automatically renewed up to 168 days. The loan will be recalled if the material is requested. Reserved items should be collected at the library service desk within five days from that notification of reservation has been sent.

Interlibrary loan

Material for research or studies that are not available at the Anna Lindh Library may be ordered through interlibrary loan by students and employees at the SEDU or the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters. More information regarding what material that can be ordered as well as who may order is found on the library website.

Support for students with disabilities

Information on the library’s support for students with reading and writing disabilities is found on the library website.

Copying & print-outs

It is possible to make copies and print-outs at the library.

Our libraries

The Anna Lindh main library is opened to the public. The function at the Armed Forces Headquarters is open for employees at the Headquarters only. The branch at Karlberg is opened for students at the Military Academy Karlberg and employees at the Swedish National Defence University and the Swedish Armed Forces with keycard to Karlberg. Loan of material in between branches are handled by the library who takes care of transport of books.

Opening Hours

available at the library web page.

Main Library

Phone: 08-553 425 60
Fax: 08-553 425 68
E-mail: alb@fhs.ss

Branch Karlberg

Phone: 08-553 429 57
E-mail: kbg.alb@fhs.se

Library function at Armed Forces Headquarters

Phone: 08-788 90 12
Fax: 08-788 90 09
E-mail: hkv.alb@fhs.se