Overdue fines

If you return a book after the due date or if you lose a borrowed book you must pay a fine.

An overdue fine of SEK 5 per day is charged starting from the day after the due date. If your debt is over SEK 100 you are automatically blocked from further loans and use of library computers.

Personnel and students at the Swedish Defence University and the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters are not fined. However, after the third reminder you are blocked from borrowing items.

Borrowers are obliged to replace books not returned or damaged with a new copy. Otherwise you can compensate by paying a fixed price of SEK 500 plus a SEK 250 administrative fee. For books costing more than SEK 500 you will be charged the actual price.

If a book is not returned after the third reminder it is considered to be lost and you will receive a bill. Even if the book is afterwards returned an administrative fee of SEK 250 will still be charged.

If you have paid a bill for a lost book overdue fines for that book do not need to be paid. If you have paid for replacing a book and the book is later found no refund will be made.

The debt collection

If the bill is not paid it will be furthered to Inkasso/Debt Collection.

Lost library card

Contact us if you lose the card so that we can block the card for borrowing. 

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