Do you need help with speech books?

If you have reading and writing difficulties, like dyslexia, visual impairment or other disabilities you have the right to customized course literature.

With the Personal downloading service (Egen nedladdning) at the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) you can download speech books directly to your mobile phone or computer.

To download literature you need a downloads account that the Anna Lindh library will help you to acquire.

The library registers students in the MTM patron registry and offer information about and support for the downloading service. Please contact Anna Lindh library, for more information and registering after your initial appointment with the study counsellor at the Swedish Defence University.

» The study counsellors

You can search the MTM catalogue Legimus to find out what books are already available as speaking books. If your course literature is not among these, please contact the library as soon as possible for speech versions of your books.

» Search in Legimus: catalogue of speech literature