Urkund is an online system used for text-matching and originality check to discover and prevent plagiarism.

Access to Urkund for teachers

Urkund is integrated with the LMS and teachers can, in conjunction with designing assignments, choose the option to check answers via Urkund.

Teachers can also get their own analysis address with Urkund by e-mailing support@urkund.se. The students then e-mail their answers to the analysis address and a check will be performed.

What does Urkund check for?

The documents will be matched online to the Internet, publishers´material and Urkund´s archive of previously sent in student material in the form of PMs, essays, to find any plagiarism.

Urkund compares likeness between texts and will give an alert. As a teacher you will have to review and assess if there is any plagiarism.

More information about Urkund

If you have got questions about Urkund at Swedish Defence University, please e-mail to lms@fhs.se

» The Urkunds web site More information about the Urkund process. You can contact the Urkund support about the usage of the system

» About plagiarism at the Swedish Defence University web site