Module 1: Fundamentals of national and international peace and security

This online preparatory course will provide a common foundation for the “Strategic Leadership in the Global Societal Security Environment” Programme.

In addition, the purpose is to be better informed about international stability and sustainability and create a basis for discussing comprehensive security concepts, approaches, considerations, trends, and challenges as well as the key actors.

This course will provide information about strategic leadership and the diagnostic tools for determining if, when and for whom a situation can be considered a crisis. The course participants will also receive information about all of the different phases from peace to post-conflict.

The learning objectives of this course include being able to describe, compare and contrast:

  • The key concepts
  • The key actors and their institutional arrangements, context and agendas
  • The phases from peace to post-war
  • What defines a situation as a crisis and for whom
  • The strategic leadership and CM tasks
  • Contemporary and future global trends and key security challenges

This course will be run as a remote, self-study course (about 50 hours) which means the participants may complete this course when it is most convenient for them. Please note that a few short sessions will be scheduled for the first week (June 7-11) as well as for the final week (August 16-20) where the participants will meet with the Course Directors and some of the other teachers. The exact days and times will be posted once they are made available.

Important dates for 2021

February 25 - April 19 - Online application site is open.
May 7 - Decisions regarding participation will be delivered.

Course synchronic working days in Zoom (full attendance required)
June 7 - Kick-off of Module 1 (8:30-16:30 Swedish Time)
August 17 - Learning activities with course team, experts and external educators (8:30-16:30 Swedish Time)
August 20 -
Course synthesis and evaluation (13:00-15:00 Swedish Time)
June 7- August 20
- Module 1 will be open for those accepted to participate.