Module 3: Strategic leadership with a specific focus on decision-making in the global societal security environment

This course enhances strategic leadership, in particular decision making, with the aim of maintaining trust, legitimacy and accountability.

This course has a specific focus on strategic decision-making in the global societal security environment. This module further builds upon the previously utilized knowledge and analytical tools from Modules 1 and 2 to sharpen the participants’ decision-making abilities.

Furthermore, the course participants will strengthen their ability to apply an iterative (decision-making) process.

During the course, the participants will also explore and practice how to create an inclusive, forgiving and secure atmosphere conducive to conducting an open and constructive dialogue by drawing upon and utilizing common ground and differences.

The learning objectives of this course focus on the ability to:

  • Apply analytical tools for strategic leadership, in particular decision-making, by drawing upon common ground, utilizing differences and bearing in mind other considerations.
  • Use iterative (decision-making) process to assess, entertain and when needed quickly adjust different and changing priorities and strategies to reach desired end state while still maintaining trust, legitimacy and accountability.

Who is eligible to apply to Module 3?

The “Strategic Leadership in the Global Societal Security Environment” Programme’s Module 3 is part of Sweden’s contribution to NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme and is primarily open for applicants from PfP and NATO member countries and key organizations working within these networks. If the number of participants from these networks is not filled, applicants from other countries may be considered.

Applications for Module 3 are welcome from individuals who are actively engaged in and working with societal security issues, including leaders, policy-makers and decision-makers from government and non-government agencies, regional and international organizations, military and law enforcement agencies, and private actors as well as academics. Proficiency in spoken and written English is required.

Important dates for 2021

September 6-September 30 - Online application site for Module 3 will be open
October 15 - Decisions regarding participation in Module 3 will be delivered
November 1 - Final decision will be made regarding whether Module will be run IRL, remotely or a hybrid
November 29 - December 3 - Module 3 will be run