Jubilee Symposium

The Swedish Defence University is grounded in a 200 year long tradition of military education. Over the years, it has developed into a specialized university offering both military and civilian education programs within defence, crisis management and security. This is being commemorating by a series of events. First in line was the jubilee symposium on leadership on April 19, 2018.

Leadership in crisis, tomorrow’s challenges

What does current theory and practice say about leading public organization in crisis, and how do we implement these lessons in a western world where public commitments are under increasing political pressure and threats are mounting?

Keynote speaker

Robert Egnell (Head of Department for Security, Strategy and Leadership at the Swedish Defence University)

Roundtable contributors

Maria Fors Brandebo (Lecturer, Swedish Defence University)

Annika Brändström (Deputy Director-General for Crisis Management, Swedish Government Offices)

Dennis Gyllensporre (Lieutenant General, Chief of Defence Staff)


Pär Daléus (Head of Executive Education at the Centre for Societal Security, Swedish Defence University)