Caroline Holmqvist

Dr Caroline Holmqvist works on issues of war, intervention and statebuilding in the twenty-first century: their politics and practices, and the study and theorisation thereof (especially critical and poststructuralist perspectives).

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    Senior Lecturer, War Studies
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    Caroline.Holmqvist [at]
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    +46 8-55342895

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Box 27805
115 93 Stockholm

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Drottning Kristinas väg 37

Current research

Very broadly, my research concerns the phenomenon of war, the way in which we claim knowledge about war, and war's contemporary expression. Underpinning all of my research is the question of what it means to be human, and how human beings relate to one another - politically, ethically and philosophically.

I am particualarly interested by questions concerning the interaction of war and police logics in contemporary large-scale intervention; by the question of ethical encounter in situations of war; and by the way in which war is experienced by human beings (bodily, emotionally). I currently pursue such questions via the study of the impact of new technologies on warfare (automated weapons systems/robotics); as well as through the influence of commercial and marketing logics on US and UK military strategic thinking (examplified by the recent emphasis on 'strategic communication' in situations of war). More generally, I am interested in debates on ontology of the human; of the possibility of an ontology of war; of critical engagements with materiality (bodies and machines); and the relationship between war and popular culture.

I have previously worked as a researcher at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI/SIIA) and before that at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). I hold a PhD in War Studies from King's College London
and MSc and BSc degrees (with First Class Honours) in International Relations from the LSE.



War; global security politics and practices; theories of International Relations; critical and poststructuralist thought.

Areas of research and education

Contemporary security politics and practices; the study of war; war in the twenty-first century; war and communication; theories of International Relations.

Latest publications

War, police and assemblages of intervention

Collection (editor), 2015

Policing Wars: On Military Intervention in the Twenty-First Century

Book, 2014

Undoing War: War Ontologies and the Materiality of Drone Warfare

Article in journal, 2013