Hans Liwång

On leave until December 2019 – Hans Liwång is Associate Professor in Military-Technology. Liwång has a Ph.D. in Shipping and Marine Technology (from Chalmers University of Technology) and a M.Sc. degree in Naval Architecture (from Royal Institute of Technology). Hans Liwång has more than fifteen years of experience as an engineer and teacher from the Swedish Defence University, the Royal Institute of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology and the Defence Materiel Administration.

Contact information

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    Hans.Liwang [at] fhs.se
  • Department

    Department of Military Studies
  • Division

    Science of Command and Control and Military Technology Division
  • Section

    Military Technology Applications Section

Postal address

Box 27805
115 93 Stockholm

Visiting address

Drottning Kristinas väg 37

Current research

Official list of publications in the Swedish Defence University's publication database (DiVA) can be found here.

Hans Liwång's research deals with questions within shipping, military naval operations, risk management, maritime safety and risk governance.

The research is focused on two interconnected fields where one deals with risk and risk-based decision support in naval military operations in general and the other is focused on how to create maritime safety and security.

Within the research on risk and risk-based decision support in naval operations focus is on method development (and method application) where experience and inspiration is found both in civilian risk-based approaches and in military risk-based traditions.

The objective is thus to develop knowledge that is systematic and gives decision makers an appropriate picture of the risks.

Check out the blog Risky business at sea for a more dynamic description of the research.



Maritime Safety, Security and Risk Management.

Areas of research and education

Military-Technology with focus on Operational Analysis, Naval Systems Engineering, Risk Management and Maritime Security.

Latest publications

Risk communication within military decision-making: pedagogic considerations

Article in journal, 2017

Technology Forecast 2017 - Military Utility of Future Technologies: A Report from Seminars at the Swedish Defence University’s (SEDU) Military-Technology Division

Report, 2017

Piracy off West Africa from 2010 to 2014: an analysis

Article in journal, 2017