How to apply for Minor Field Studies

This guide will help you with your application for Minor Field Studies. The processing time for applications can be long, so start preparations well in advance.

Before you start with your application, you need to ensure you are eligible. You can find the entry requirements and other information on the page Minor Field Studies.

It is a good idea to read the entire guide before you start, because several elements can be started parallel.

1. Find a project idea

Start by thinking about what your project will be about. You can develop the project idea together with your supervisor at the Swedish Defence University, and contact organisations in the country you want to travel to for information.

Contact person and research permit

You are responsible for finding a contact person in the host country who can be your supervisor in the field.

This person does not need to be an academic supervisor but must be able to provide you with support, counselling, and assistance with practical arrangements. This may, for example, be regarding accommodation, security and contacts.

In some countries, research permits are required to perform MFS projects. You are responsible for finding out what applies in the country you wish to go to. Your supervisor in the field could be helpful regarding these aspects.

2. Write a project description

When your field study proposal is ready, write a project description in English (max 2,000 words). In this you should specify:

  • Which country you wish to go to
  • A timetable for the project including dates (at least eight consecutive weeks)
  • An alternative set-up for the project (both an alternative timetable and a project methodology alternative if circumstances change)
  • A brief plan of how you will arrange accommodation in the host country
  • A clear description of the project's purpose relating to both development studies and your education
  • The chosen survey methodology for your field study and the academic paper as a whole
  • Preliminary date to attend Sida's preparatory course (no later than 5-8 weeks before departure)

3. Set up a budget

Your application must include a preliminary budget in which you need to specify the costs of:

  • Travel to and from the host country (cheapest possible mode of travel)
  • Accommodation in the host country
  • Necessary travel within the host country or region
  • Vaccination
  • Any equipment
  • Travel to and from Sida's preparatory course in Härnösand
  • Printing of your academic paper (max ten copies)

4. Obtain certificates from supervisors

You need two supervisor certificates; one from your supervisor at the Swedish Defence University and one from your contact person in the field.

Your supervisor at the Swedish Defence University certifies that your MFS project is relevant to your studies by filling out a specific form. Attach the completed form in your application.

Your contact person in the field must attest that you will receive help with practical issues such as contacts etc. in the host country. There are no formal requirements on how the certificate should be formulated. For example, it could be a printed e-mail.

5. Order study certificate

In your application, you need to attach the study certificate. Ensure you order the certificate in good time.

6. Write your motivation

In addition to the project description, you need to write a personal motivation letter stating why you are applying and why you should receive the funding. This motivation letter must be written in English.

7. Fill in the application form

When you have finished all the previous steps, you should then download and fill in the application form.

Download application form

Attach to the application:

  • Personal justification in English
  • Study certificate
  • Project description in English
  • Budget
  • Certificate from the contact person in the field
  • Certificate from the supervisor at the Swedish Defence University

When you have finished, send the completed application form and attachments to:

Att: Carin Jutterström
Box 278 05
115 93 Stockholm

8. Booking, visa and vaccination

You are responsible for booking your travel yourself. Also make sure you have a visa and have taken the necessary vaccinations before you travel.

9. Information during and after the MFS project

There are a number of tasks you need to perform both during and after your field study.

During the field study, you must:

  • Continuously stay up to date on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' travel recommendations.
  • Save your travel documents (including boarding passes)
  • Immediately notify the MFS administrator if something happens during the field study that changes the conditions for your study, or your right to receive funding.
  • Notify the MFS administrator if you cancel or shorten the field study.

After the field study, you must:

  • Attend an interview about your field study with your MFS administrator, the MFS Committee and your academic administrator.
  • Submit your travel documents (including boarding passes) to the MFS administrator.
  • Share your research results with interested parties in the host country.
  • Upload a travel description to your profile in the MFS course notification system.
  • Respond to an evaluation survey for MFS scholarship students.