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  • Distance education to be main principle for the term

Distance education to be main principle for the term

The Vice Chancellor has decided that distance education is the general rule also for how Study Period 2, ie the rest of the term (April-June).

The fact that the decision is being made already now is due to the fact that students must have ample time to plan their studies. Note, however, that it will be possible to make exceptions in the current situation, albeit with great restrictions, but in the long term it may be possible to reintroduce more campus-based activities. Students must receive information in good time before arrival at the university. We, together with the Student Union and its various sections, have agreed upon the following:

  • Civilian education programmes: information must be be sent out at least four (4) weeks in advance.
  • The Officers’ Programme: information must be sent out at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  • The Higher Joint Command and Staff Programme: Information must be sent out at least two (2) weeks in advance.


With the information we currently have about the Corona situation we believe that distance education and distance work will also be continued in the next study period (April-June). However, this does not mean that we are excluding the possibility of more campus-based teaching. If the pandemic situation improves and government and expert authorities alleviate restrictions, we may consider more campus-based activities.

By deciding now and at the same time stipulating that two or four weeks’ notice must be given for campus-based teaching , we are trying to balance the need for foresight and predictability for students and teachers, reduce the risk of infection while wanting to have certain courses on site, since there are course moments that are difficult to carry out at a distance. The shorter notice time for officers’ programmes is due to the fact that these students have Armed Forces’ accommodations and can therefore more easily adapt to coming to Stockholm.

Published 2021-02-05 Updated 2021-02-05