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  • Campus opens on September 29

Campus opens on September 29

On September 29 virtually all Corona-related restrictions will be lifted. This easing of restrictions means that the Defence University's employees and students will return to campus-based activities and that the University will reopen to the public.

The following will apply from September 29, 2021:

  • Campus-based teaching may be conducted without restrictions on the Swedish Defence University premises. (NOTE: as per Vice-Chancellor’s Decision, from week 40, i.e. October 4.) Distance learning will not be conducted for Corona-related reasons, but when pedagogically justified. The temporary possibility to change the curriculum for Corona-related reasons is revoked. Please note that courses that have started before week 40 but will end after week 40 can still be taken remotely according to the previous schedule. Sessions with large numbers of students or participants may be conducted remotely due to space constraints. Planned schedules and room reservations remain in force. Advance notice that our courses in the autumn semester will include campus-based modules went out in both June and August, and therefore in accordance with the advance notice policy agreed upon with the Student Union.
  • All employees will be allowed to return to work. The possibility of teleworking where justified will be regulated in transitional rules (to be decided upon in week 38 - employees will be sent more information as soon as possible). Long-term guidelines for teleworking are expected to be ready by the end of the year.
  • The University is open to the public. Anna Lindh Library will gradually reopen to the public, but initially with adapted opening hours to maintain digital channels.
  • The gym facilities at Drottning Kristinas väg 37 will open to all students and employees, as well as to employees of the Defence University's tenants.
  • Mess activities can return to normal. In view of the circumstances surrounding the suspension of the Mess’s activities during the pandemic, the conditions are not yet in place to resume normal operations on September 29. The Mess management will provide more information through its own information channels on an ongoing basis.

Recommendations valid after September 29

The recommendations that remain apply in particular to adults who are unvaccinated, who should continue to keep their distance from other people whenever possible. The advice to stay at home in case of symptoms of Covid-19, avoid contact and get tested remains valid for everyone.

Advice and up-to-date information on Folkhälsomyndighetens webbplats.

Please read more about the return to campus-based activities.

Published 2021-09-24 Updated 2021-11-01