Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership

The institution is characterised by the meeting of civil and military expertise, of theory and proven experience, as well as of academia and professions in the security sector.

The department holds five subjects and is responsible for research and development in international law, leadership in demanding conditions, war studies with a focus on military policy, and political science with a focus on security policy and strategy, as well as crisis management and international cooperation.

Research and education

With our broad subject knowledge, we train students enrolled in the military programmes and are responsible for the bulk of the school's civil college programmes and courses, as well as commissioned education. Research within the five subjects stretches from the local to the international; from the understanding and management of crises in peacetime to full-scale international crisis. Our high-class international research involves several national and international collaborations and contacts.

Total defence and emergency response

The department houses the Centre for Societal Security which makes up the backbone of knowledge-building and education in total defence and crisis response systems. Partnerships mainly constitute authorities within the total defence system, as well as the government and parliament.

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