Department of War Studies and Military History

We conduct education and research in War Studies and Military History. The SEDU is unique in offering this combination of subjects at university level in Sweden.

We have eight divisions and a Centre of Special Operations Research.

  • Functions and Perspective Division
  • Military History Division
  • Languages Division
  • Air Operations Division
  • Maritime Operations Division
  • Land Operations Division
  • Joint Warfare Division
  • Strategy Division
  • Administrative Divison


War and Defence - Master's Programme

Higher Joint Command and Staff Programme - Master's Programme

War, Culture and Society - Master's Programme

Military History - Graduate Programme

Officers' Programme - Graduate Programme

Courses in War Studies, Military History and language.


War Studies

Military History

Annick Wibben

Professor, Deputy Head of Department +46 8-55342941
Anna Danielsson

Deputy Head of Department, Associate Professor +46 8-55342867
Steve Murdoch

Professor, Deputy Head of Department, Head of Division