Department of Military Studies

The department is responsible for the subjects War Studies, Military Technology, Command & Control Science, and Military history. The department is characterized by an academic environment where research and education meet, and where teachers and researchers interact in theory and practice.

The department of Military Studies consists of its staff members and three organizational divisions, each division consisting of sections.

The main purpose for the department is content and quality fulfillment of customer requirements, as well as continuous subject development. The divisions' tasks include research, education, study activities and support to the Swedish Armed Forces.

Head of the department of Military Studies is Christian Jeppsson.


Tactical Warfare Division

  • Land Operations Section
  • Maritime Operations Section
  • Air Operations Section

Joint Warfare Division

  • Joint Operations Section
  • Operational Functions Section
  • Military History Section
  • Foreign Languages Section

Science of Command & Control, and Military Technology Division

  • Military Technology Systems Section
  • Military Technology Applications Section
  • Command and Control Section
  • Wargaming Section