Senior Course on Security Policy in Europe (SPIE)

For the past two decades, the SEDU has strengthen security professionals’ knowledge and understanding of security aspects that are of importance for the actors in the European region and its proximities. The course offers a comprehensive overview of the development of security policy in Europe in relation to transnational threats.

The course focuses on a range of security aspects that are of importance for the actors in the European region and its neighbourhood. The course also gives the participants an overview and understanding of policies, strategies and priorities in Europe by examining trend analysis, policy documents and different strategies.

The course participants are expected to reflect, analyze, and discuss the topics in a collaborative environment, and to contribute with their own knowledge and experience. The course also provides the participants with an opportunity for international networking.

Course content

The course includes the following themes and issues:

  • Major international organizations: EU, NATO/PfP, and UN
  • Regional perspectives: OSCE, maritime security, and Arctic region
  • Contemporary security challenges: influence campaigns, cyber security, terrorism, climate change, transnational crime, and migration
  • International security in theory and practice

Course participants

We warmly welcome applications from those individuals who are working directly with security policy, defence policy and societal security related issues on the senior/strategic level, including but not limited to parliamentarians, diplomats, academics, civil servants, military personnel, and NGO representatives.

The course is part of the Swedish contribution to Partnership for Peace (PfP) and is primarily open for PfP and NATO countries. If the number of participants from PfP and NATO countries is not filled, participants from other countries may be considered.

Application deadline

If you would like to apply for this course, please send an email to:          




No credits

Start week

Week 48

End week

Week 49

Rate of study

26 november–6 december.

Place of study






Study pace

Odd days


Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership



Published 2018-08-10 Updated 2018-11-06