Rollspel med studenter och officerare.

Students and officers during wargame. Photo: Anders G Warne.

Exercises in international law

In the Master's program International Operational Law, role-playing and scenario-based exercises that mimic real-life situations play an important role in the education, as students get to take on roles that they will deal with during their professional careers.

Exercises in international operational law brings the law out of the students' textbooks and make it come alive. International operational law is a complex area, involving as it does a great deal of technical details and weighty values alike. But by placing the law the students have acquired in a context, such as in a fictional war crimes trial, one can sense the real nature of the area, with complicated facts and heightened moral stakes. Mooting bring genuine appreciation to its participants that administering international criminal justice is a painstaking, gradual process that requires a lot of patience, thinking and preparation.

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Role play on the Master's Programme International Operational Law