F.A.Q Admissions to our Master's programmes

We have collected the most frequently asked questions during admissions for our English-taught Master's programmes.

Q: When is the application deadline?

A: The application deadline for our English-taught Master programmes (60-120 ECTS) is due January 17 2022, for programme start Autumn 2022.

Q: Is the deadline for supporting documents the same as the application deadline?

A: No. Your supporting documents should be submitted by February 1 2022 latest.

Applicants to the Master programme in Politics, Security and War have an extended deadline for their graded thesis, which is February 10. This applies to the thesis solely, all other documents must be uploaded by February 1 latest.

Applicants to the Master programme in Defence and Security Systems Development have an extended deadline for the Mathemathic (Ma 3b or 3c) and Physics (Fy 2) requirement, which is 1 August 2022. If an applicant have not proven these two requirements by the general deadline 1 February 2022, the personal letter to the programme (1 February 2022) must include a clear intent and a plan for fulfilling these requirements by 1 August 2022 latest.

Q: When do I know if I was admitted or not?

A: The admissions results are published in early April. You will be notified per email (the email adress you’ve used for www.universityadmissions.se or www.antagning.se).

Q: Is there a second admission round after this?

A: No, not for the English-taught Master programmes. The application period is 18 October 2021 - 17 January 2022 for intake Autumn 2022.

Q: I am not sure if I am eligibile for the programme I am interested in, is there a way to find out?

A: Both yes and no. You can check the requirements for our programmes on their respective links in the right columns;

However, we can unfortunately not make any pre-assessments on indivual applications at this stage. We must look in to the academic curriculum in each applicant's previous studies in order to see if the requirements are met. If an applicant does not have any of the mentioned degrees in the links above, our admissions team must look individually in to the applicant’s transcripts to see if there are enough relevant courses within the degree that could be viewed as equivalent. Our evaluation period runs until late March with admission results in early April. We cannot give any pre-assessments or feedback per email but will notify all applicants at the same time in early April.

Q: My thesis will not be graded in time for February 10, am I still eligible without it to Politics, Security and War?

A: This is a bit tricky so please pay attention to the following information. A graded thesis is part of the requirement for the Master’s Programme in Politics, Security and War. However, a student who is still on the last year of Bachelor studies, could still apply for our programmes and be conditionally admitted. The condition means that the finished degree must be presented to our office by the course start latest. If not, the admission offer is no longer valid.

For students with a foreign academic education where a thesis wasn't included in the study curriculum, or students on their last year of Bachelor, two academic graded paper should be uploaded instead (within the deadline). This means that you can still be regarded as conditionally eligible as a start.

Nevertheless, chances of admission are naturally lower if you do not upload the graded academic paper or the graded thesis in time. This is due to the fact that the selection amongst eligible candidates depends on the quality of the thesis together with other grades from previous studies. Our answer is therefore that a missing thesis does affect the application, in the selection process for the Master's programme in Politics, Security and War.

Q: What is the application process?

A: Prospective students need to apply through the Swedish national admissions website by creating a user account on www.universityadmissions.se to which Swedish Defence University is connected as well. University Admissions Sweden is in charge of all technicalities centrally. The applicant creates an account, applies for courses and submits supporting documents there. SEDU should not be sent any documents directly. The programmes start once a year in Autumn (late August). Important dates are seen under Key Dates.

When it is time to assess an application, the process is done in two steps; eligibility (A) and selection (B).


Make sure that you have carefully read through the instructions for Master’s applicants.

The applicant must also check the specifi eligiblity for the Master programme in mind by consulting their respective website.

You can read more about the additional English 6 requirement as well as specific instructions for your previous country of study.

If you do not yet hold a Bachelor’s degree when applying, you should provide www.universityadmissions.se with signed and stamped documents from your home university stating that you are likely to graduate before the semester start at SEDU. Please read more and use the statement of enrollment status form and upload it under your personal account on www.universityadmissions.se . If conditionally admitted, proof of your official degree must be presented in original by the course start latest in order for SEDU to remove the condition in your status to (fully) admitted. If you are conditionally admitted and fail to prove your degree in the way asked for, your admission is no longer valid.


Amongst eligible applicants who applied on time, with correctly submitted applications and documents, we look at these following criterias when selecting students to our programmes.

For the Master programme in Politics, Security and War, selection is based on a comprehensive assessment of previous studies and the relevance of previous studies, and particular importance is given to the quality of the Bachelor’s thesis.

For the Master programme in Defence and Security Systems Development, selection is based with equal weight on grades obtained in qualifying university courses and a personal letter.

For the Master programme in International Operational Law, selection is based on academic transcripts from relevant underlying education, CV (no longer than 2 pages), Personal Letter (no longer than 1 page) and 2 reference letters (preferably one from a professional context and one from a previous academic supervisor, proffersor or similar).

Please make sure to double-check the links provided before applying for the most recent information upon the opening of the application period.

Q: What is the cost of the Master’s programmes at the Swedish Defence University?

A: Application fee for citizen outside of EU/EEA/Switzerland: SEK 900. Tuition fee for citizen outside of EU/EEA/Switzerland: SEK 105 000 per year (60 credits)

Q: Are there many scholarships avalaible?

A: We might not have a large number of scholarships but we are linked to at least two different scholarship programmes. Yearly, we offer around 1 fee-paying students the UHR scholarship, depending on availability of grants. You can read more about grants on our webpage section about scholarships. The form to the UHR scholarship is open for registrations from December 1 2021 to February 10 2022. Please note that only non-EU/EEA citizen can apply (applicants required to pay application and tuition fees at SEDU). Please also note that you must have applied for our Master’s programmes to apply or your application will be discarded. The Swedish Institute also provides scholarships for Global Professionals. Please see their website for more information.