If for any reason you need proof that you are currently enrolled as a student, or if you need a transcript of your study results, you can request a certificate.

There are two types of certificates:

  • Certificate of enrollment: contains your qualifications at the Swedish Defence University.
  • Registration certificate: shows which courses you are registered for in a specific semester.

Request a certificate by mailing to: studieintyg@fhs.se.

Write your name, personal identity number, address and what type of certificate you need. Write if you want the certificate in Swedish and/or English.

Information in the Swedish Defence University's Ladok is presently not matched with other universities' data bases. Thus your Swedish Defence University qualifications won't show up in compilations of your studies, if you want a national certificate of enrollment or if you are applying for a degree through another universitys' student portal.


For those taking courses that entitle you to Swedish study grants, the Swedish Defence University's student records system (Ladok) automatically sends information to CSN on a daily basis about courses you are registered for and your qualifications. This information is used by CSN as a basis for deciding to pay study grants.

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