When you register for a course you sign for a keycard which you need when the main entrance is locked. The keycard is used within the building as well.

The keycard is personal with a code which you should keep separated from the card. Do not let people who have not signed for a keycard into the building.

Fire safety

When you sign for your keycard you are given information about fire safety and emergency exit routes in our buildings.

Lost keycard

If you lose your keycard it must be cancelled as soon as possible. It is therefore important that you it to Reception immediately. If the card is not found within a week's time it will be replaced for a fee of SEK 100. The sum is to be paid to FHS postgiro-account nr 31 32 37-0. The payment slip should state your name and "Payment for lost keycard".

Forgotten keycard

You can sign for a temporary keycard which is valid for that day until midnight. The keycard must be returned the following day. When you sign for a temporary keycard your own keycard is cancelled for security reasons.

Returning keycard

When you have completed your studies here, return the keycard to the Reception where you signed for it. If the Reception is closed there is a mailbox for keycards by the main entrance, on the right hand wall when looking from inside the building.