Strategic intelligence, reading course

This course focuses on the field of intelligence studies and addresses issues such as information collection, analysis and utilization of intelligence in strategic decision and policy making processes.

The course also discusses and problematizes the role of intelligence as a knowledge broker on strategic levels, as well as ethics and integrity in relation to strategic intelligence. To introduce the student to strategic intelligence, the course will start with an introductory lecture on the Swedish intelligence system vis à vis similarities and differences with foreign intelligence services, methods and analysis
processes. The students are also provided with a broad overview of the literature and current research in the field of strategic intelligence.


Mr. Henrik Häggström is currently Senior Analyst at the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies (CATS) at the Swedish Defence University. His research interests include intelligence, terrorism, radicalization, human rights, peace and security. Prior to CATS Mr. Häggström was the Director of the Geostrategic Section at the Swedish Intelligence Service (MUST) with the Swedish Armed Forces focusing on risk assessment and analysis of the security, policy and military environment
in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Mr. Häggström and his team regularly briefed the Minister of Defence and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sweden on peace and security matters in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.