Nordefco Exchange Studies at Swedish Defence University

We offer exchange courses for military officers from countries that are part of the Nordic Defence Cooperation, NORDEFCO.

Within the Nordic Defence Collaboration, NORDEFCO, English-speaking students of higher military programmes in the Nordic and Baltic states have an opportunity to go on exchange studies at the partnering defence universities. The Swedish Defence University offers exchange courses for officers as part of the Nordic Defence Collaboration, NORDEFCO. The exchange courses are open for military students from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

While NORDEFCO in essence is a collaboration between five Nordic countries, the the education and HR part also includes the Baltic Defence College and thus the three Baltic states.

Below we list all current exchange courses for the first part of 2020 within NORDEFCO.

The Swedish Defence University

The offered courses are parts of the SEDU 2-year War Science Programme (120 ECTS Master)

The 2020 courses are from the first years Curriculum, elective 1. The elective 1 period covers April 20th to May 15th, and the week 23, June 1st to 5th 2020.

The Baltic Defence College

Courses not yet defined.

The Finnish National Defence University

All courses are part of the Finnish Master in Military Sciences degree

The Norwegian Defence University College

Courses not yet defined.

The Royal Danish Defence College

All courses are part of the danish Master in Military Studies.

  • Cyberspace Operations / Cyber Warfare FLEX-module and part of Master in Military Studies
  • Culture as an ”Operational Enabler” The aim of the course is to provide you with insights into those aspects of culture relevant to operations, including cultural theory and analytical methodology. Master in Military Studies (MMS) FLEX-module
  • New Wars and Africa Theoretical implications and empirical Foundations (Not offered currently)
  • Military Learning: The Uphill Path from Experience to Building Better Forces

Admission requirements

To apply for a course, please start by contacting your home university.


NORDEFCO has five member states: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway
and Sweden and the chairmanship rotates on an annual basis between
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Iceland participates in the political
level cooperation whilst the other Nordic countries take part in both
political and military level cooperation.

NORDEFCO has a meeting structure with two yearly Ministerials. The Policy
Steering Committee (PSC) consisting of Policy, Capability and Armament
Directors of the Defence Ministries meets also twice a year.
The PSC gives taskings to the Military Coordination Committee (MCC), which
consists of defence forces’ representatives.

PSC Secretariat (PSC(S)) and Military Coordination Staff (CS) coordinate
the work between the meetings and take forward the decisions in the line
organizations. In addition, the Chiefs of Defence meet twice every year and
Permanent/State Secretaries once a year.